Louisiana Agricultural Consultants Association Awards Ceremony 2024

Three $2,000.00 scholarships were awarded to well-deserving students. Below is a brief bio and a photo of the student recipient with the scholarship sponsor.


Doctoral Scholarship

Rajat Pruthi

2024 LACA Scholarship Recipient funded by Grady and Barbara Coburn of Pest Management Enterprises

Soil salinity presents a global challenge, posing a significant threat to both crop cultivation and sustainable agriculture. Rajat’s strong academic background and current research endeavors are dedicated to addressing this issue by developing high-yielding, salt-tolerant rice and soybean varieties. During Rajat’s undergraduate studies, he collaborated closely with an extension specialist to actively promote and implement optimal agricultural practices, striving to empower farmers to realize their maximum production potential. This experience inspired him to forge a closer connection with both crops and farmers, ultimately motivating his decision to pursue a Ph.D. research project, under the guidance of Dr. Prasanta Subudhi, where Rajat is utilizing bioinformatics and genomic selection techniques to enhance understanding of salt tolerance in rice and soybeans, with the ultimate aim of developing high-yielding, salt-tolerant crop varieties. Moreover, Rajat’s journey has been marked by a strong commitment to leadership. As the President of the Student Association at the School of Plant, Environmental, and Soil Sciences, Rajat has been entrusted with the responsibility of guiding and representing his peers. This role has not only honed his leadership skills but has also taught him the value of effective collaboration and communication within a diverse academic and agricultural community. In addition to this, Rajat’s volunteer work at 4-H events hosted at LSU has allowed him to engage directly with the community and the next generation of young agricultural enthusiasts. Rajat’s primary career objective is to work directly with farmers, collaborating closely to develop crop varieties according to their needs and challenges. Therefore, in the near future, Rajat’s goal is to secure a position that merges research and extension endeavors, allowing him to harness the knowledge and leadership skills that he has developed through his academic journey. According to Rajat, this role represents the ideal platform for which he can use his expertise and make a substantial impact on the agricultural community.

Rajat Pruthi, LACA Doctoral Scholarship Recipient with sponsors Grady and Barbara Coburn of Pest Management Enterprises.

Masters Scholarship

Logan Vallee

2024 LACA Scholarship Recipient funded by Louisiana Land Bank

Logan is expected to graduate from Louisiana State University in May of 2024 with a M.S. in Agronomy.  According to Logan, this scholarship will assist his endeavors in comfortably providing research to producers. Working as a graduate assistant has allowed Logan to gain better understanding of various cropping systems and the importance of research which allows producers to gain up-to-date information.

During his time as a crop scout, Logan has been responsible for taking other employees to field locations and recording their field summary report in which he would relay to the crop consultant their recommendation. He has extensive experience in looking at a variety of crops such as cotton, corn, rice, soybeans, and grain sorghum. Working as a graduate assistant, Logan predominately focused on herbicidal activity in cotton and gained experience collecting data in rice trials.

His research project for the LSU AgCenter at the Dean Lee research station will provide vital information on the viability of an early application timing in cotton. Research is based on the evaluation of early-season postemergence co-applications of nonselective and residual herbicides on crop injury and weed control in 2,4-D and dicamba tolerant cotton. Data had not yet been analyzed at the time Logan applied for this scholarship, but differences in treatments had been noticed through in-field observations.

Logan Vallee, LACA Masters Scholarship Recipient with sponsor, Louisiana Land Bank’s Stephen Austin.

Undergrad Scholarship

Kindall Tonn

2024 LACA Scholarship Recipient funded by Ray and Dorothy Young

Carter is a lifelong resident of Crowville, LA and currently attends Louisiana Tech University where he is majoring in agribusiness with a concentration in business. Carter has grown up working on his Dad’s farm helping raise corn and soybeans for the past eight years. While assisting his father on the farm, Carter also started a business selling sweet corn to local residents for the past six years. Not only is he a hard worker on the farm, Carter is an exceptional student in the classroom. In 2019, he graduated as Salutatorian of his senior class with a 3.9 GPA and was named Student of the Year for Franklin Parish. He finished high school with 24 hours of college credit and is currently a senior at LA Tech with a 3.774 GPA, a four-time Presidents List award winner, and has an anticipated graduation date of May 2023.

Carter has completed a summer intern position with Climate Fieldview, and will be ready to obtain a job in the field of agriculture. With his positive attitude, strong work ethic, and great personality, he should have no trouble finding a position and becoming an asset to whomever hires him.

Kindall Tonn, 2024 LACA Undergrad Scholarship Recipient (sponsored by Ray and Dorothy Young).

Ray & Dorothy Young Endowed Assistantship

David Galo


David Galo, recipient of the Ray and Dorothy Young Endowed Assistantship in Louisiana Field Crop IPM with Dorothy Young and Mike Salassi.