About LACA

The Louisiana Agricultural Consultants Association (LACA) is the association of a group of individual companies. Each company is independently owned, yet each, through LACA, works together toward a common goal: to provide agricultural producer-clients with the best information possible so that they may make a bountiful and profitable crop.

The individual business owners accomplish these goals by scouting fields throughout the growing season and then reporting the data to the producer along with recommendations appropriate to the current crop status. As a group, the goals are accomplished by providing superior continuing education to LACA members year-round.

LACA members consult on all crops grown in Louisiana including cotton, soybeans, corn, wheat, grain sorghum, sugarcane, rice, sweet potatoes, turf, vegetables, ornamentals and more. In addition, many LACA members carry out independent field research through contracts with many of the crop protection product companies.