2010 LATMC Photos

2009 Hall of Fame Award Winner, Dr. Benjamin Legendre receives his plaque from Dr. Grady Coburn.


2010 Hall of Fame Award Winner, the late Dr. James Brazzel. His family display the plaque given in his honor.


Pest ID Contest Winners

From left to right: Fred Collins, 2nd place Stan Winslow, tied for 5th place Harold Lambert, 1st place Roger Carter, tied for 5th place Andre’ Fabacher, 4th place Grady Coburn, 3rd place

NAICC Speaker, Stan Winslow at podium


Marty Pousson of LDAF arrives in the snow!


LACA member, Justin Turner built a snow Daddy, a snow Mama, and snow kids on the hood of his truck and prominently wrote “LACA” in the snow.