2013 LATMC Presentation Titles and Speakers

Pre-Conference Soil Fertility Workshop

Soil Science: An Introduction – David Weindorf and Beatrix Haggard, LSU AgCenter
Soil Fertility for Louisiana Row Crops – Brenda Tubana, LSU AgCenter
Precision Agriculture – Beatrix Haggard, Dennis Burns, and R.L. Fraizer, LSU AgCenter
Soil Test Recommendations – John Lofton, LSU AgCenter

Opening General Session

Louis Dreyfus Commodities: Port Allen Export Elevator – David Bollich
Louisiana Agricultural Update – Mike Strain, DVM, Commissioner, Louisiana Dept of Agriculture & Forestry
Land Values in Louisiana: Is There a Bubble in Our Future? – Jesse Craft, Louisiana Land Bank
To Grow; To Change – Sara Broussard, Future Farmers of America

General Session: Soybean and Feed Grain Crops Session

Aflatoxin and Ear Rots: Afla-Guard Biological Control Research – Ken Damann, LSU AgCenter
Update on Soybean Insects and Acephate Resistance – Jeff Davis, LSU AgCenter
Effect of Planting Date, Latitude and Environmental Factors on the Choice of Maturity Group in Mid-South Soybean Production – Larry Purcell, University of Arkansas
Optimizing Fungicide Use for Disease Management in Soybean – Ray Schneider, LSU AgCenter

General Session: Multi-Crop Management Session

Symposium: Crop Specific Management Programs for Herbicide Resistant Weeds – Jim Griffin, Daniel Stephenson, Eric Webster, LSU AgCenter
Herbicide Resistant Weed Management in Corn, Cotton, and Soybean – Daniel Stephenson, LSU AgCenter
Herbicide Resistance in Rice – Eric Webster, LSU AgCenter
Recent Corn Nitrogen Research Conducted by the LSU AgCenter – John Kruse, Koch Agronomic Services
Soybean Phosphorus and Potassium – Josh Lofton, LSU AgCenter

Closing General Session

Football and NAICC – James Todd, 2013 NAICC President, Todd Agricultural Consulting, LLC
Crop Insurance – Brad Terral, Ag Resource Management

Sugarcane Breakout Session

How Does Palisade Compare to Glyphosate for Ripening Sugarcane? – Al Orgeron, Ben Legendre, Jim Griffin, Kenneth Gravois, Mike Hebert, Blair Hebert, Jimmy Flanagan
Insecticidal Control of Sap Feeders, Julien Beuzelin, LSU AgCenter
Brown Rust, Brown Stripe, and Smut – Jeff Hoy, LSU AgCenter
Alternative Ripeners: How Does Trinexapac Compare with Glyphosate? – Caleb Dalley, USDA-ARS, Sugarcane Research Laboratory
Brown Rust and Other Diseases – Jeff Hoy, LSU AgCenter, Mike Grisham, USDA-ARS, Sugarcane Research Laboratory
Potash Requirements in Sugarcane Production – Rich Johnson, USDA-ARS, Sugarcane Research Laboratory
Bermudagrass Control Options and Bermudagrass Biotypes Research – Jim Griffin, LSU AgCenter
Sugarcane Yield Monitor Update – Randy Price, LSU AgCenter
Sugarcane Economic Outlook for 2013: Price, Production Costs, Stubble Length – Mike Salassi, LSU AgCenter
Cultural Practices – Chuck Webber, Ryan Viator, Paul White, USDA-ARS, Sugarcane Research Laboratory
West Indian Cane Fly (Fulgorid): Experiences from the 2012 Season – Blaine Viator, Calvin Viator, Ph.D. & Associates LLC and Bill White, USDA-ARS, Sugarcane Research Laboratory

Rice Breakout Session

What to Plant in 2013 – Variety Recommendation Updates – Steve Linscombe, LSU AgCenter
Impact of Rice Harvest Cutting Height and Ratoon Cropping on Late Season and Overwintering Stem Borer Infestations – Julien Beuzelin, Anna
Meszaros, Gene Reagan, LSU AgCenter, and M.O. Way, Texas A&M AgriLIfe, Beaumont Research and Extension Center
Arsenic Rice Issues – Randy Jemison, USA Rice Federation
Sercadis Testing and Blast Causes, Effects and Remedies – Don Groth, LSU AgCenter
New Labels and Insecticide Use Strategies for Rice Water Weevil Control – Mike Stout, and Srinivas Lanka, LSU AgCenter
Stink Bug Thresholds in First and Second Crop and Efficacy of Malathion – Mike Stout, and Bryce Blackman, LSU AgCenter
Comprehensive Weed Control Program: Burndown to Harvest – Eric Webster, LSU AgCenter
Fungicide Application Decisions in Rice – Johnny Saichuk, LSU AgCenter
N-STar Update: 2013 Validation Trials in Louisiana, Dustin Harrell, LSU AgCenter

Cotton Breakout Session

Weed Control Research with Liberty in Louisiana Cotton – Donnie Miller, LSU AgCenter
Control Issues – Sebe Brown, LSU AgCenter
Cotton Insect Pest Control Issues – Jeff Gore, Mississippi State University, Agricultural Experiment Station
Cotton Thrips Management – David Kerns, LSU AgCenter
Spite Mite Biology and Identification – David Kerns, LSU AgCenter
Defoliants – Donnie Miller, LSU AgCenter
Impact of Foliar Oversprays on Dual Gene Cotton – Steve Micinski and David Kerns, LSU AgCenter (see presentation for other credits)
PGRs on Cotton (Panel Discussion) – presentation by: Harold Lambert, Lambert Agricultural Consulting, Inc.
PGRs on Cotton (Panel Discussion) – presentation (Science, Art, or Witchcraft? Plant Growth Regulator Use on Cotton in Northeast Louisiana) by: Hank Jones, C&J Ag Consulting, LLC

Emerging Technologies & Rice and Sugarcane Product Updates

FieldX – AgRenaissance Software, LLC, David Krueger
New Developments from BASF – BASF Corporation, Marc Grabert
Bayer Biologics Products Overview – Bayer CropScience Biologics, Glen Crowe
Bayer Seeds Update – Bayer Crop Science, Kyle Fontenot
Product Update from Chemtura – Chemtura AgroSolutions, Keith Griffith and Jeremy Wood
Sugarcane Product Update – Chemtura AgroSolutions, Keith Griffith and Jeremy Wood
2013 Label Updates – Dupont Crop Protection, Toby McCown and Connie Ware
Rice Product Update: Dermacor X-100 Insecticide: Dermacor Mixtures – Dupont Crop Protection, Toby McCown
2013 Product and Label Updates for Sugarcane – Dupont Crop Protection, Toby McCown
Product Update from FMC – FMC Corporation, Don Johnson
Rice Product Update – FMC Corporation, Don Johnson
Rice Update – Gowan USA, Keith Majure
Permit Plus on Sulfonyl-Urea Tolerant Soybeans (STS) – Gowan USA, Kevin Stewart and Craig Sandoski
INTX Microbials Product Update – INTX Microbials, David Allen
Nichino America Product Update – Nichino America, Scott Ludwig
RiceTec iPhone, iPad Application, and New Louisiana Yield Data – RiceTec, Cullen Minter
Industry Update for Syngenta – Syngenta Crop Protection, Jenny Buller, David Chaney, Christine Collins, David Lanclos, and Josh Zaunbrecher
Sugarcane Update – Syngenta Crop Protection, David Lanclos and David Chaney
Focused Adaptability: Seed of the South – Terral Seed, Phil Michener, Jim Braucht
Valent USA Product Update – Valent USA Corporation, Bill Odle and John Bordlee
Rice Product Update – Valent USA Corporation, Bill Odle and John Bordlee