Crop Protection and Production Quiz

2017 Crop Protection and Production Quiz

2017 Pest ID Winners

  • 1st place Fred Collins, Ph.D.
  • 2nd place Harold Lambert
  • 3rd place Lucas Pitre
  • 4th place Jay Frantom, Ph.D.
  • 5th place Grady Coburn, Ph.D.

2016 Pest ID Winners

2014 Pest ID Contest with answers.

2014 LATMC Pest ID Contest Winners

  • 1st place Richard Costello
  • 2nd place Fred Collins
  • 3rd place Dwayne Coulon
  • 4th place Harold Lambert
  • 5th place Grady Coburn

2013 LATMC Pest ID Contest Winners. From left, Jay Frantom, Dwayne Coulon,
Stuart Gauthier, Andre Fabacher, and Mark Smith.

2012 Pest ID Contest with answers.

Richard Costello, 2012 1st Place Winner, C&J Ag Consulting LLC

2012 Crop Protection & Production Quiz Winners
From left, Harold Lambert, 2nd place, Richard Costello, 1st place, Hank Jones, 5th place, Stuart Gautheir, 3rd place.
Not pictured, Dwayne Coulon, 4th place.
Congratulations, Gentlemen!

2011 Quiz with the Answer Key

2011 Crop Protection and Production Quiz Winners

From left to right, Grady Coburn, Dwayne Coulon, Jay Frantom, Lucas Pitre, and Fred Collins 

1st Place Jay Frantom
2nd Place Dwayne Coulon
3rd Place Grady Coburn, Fred Collins, and Lucas Pitre 

2010 Crop Protection and Production Quiz Winners

1st  Harold Lambert
2nd Fred Collins
3rd  Grady Coburn
4th Andre’ Fabacher
5th Roger Carter and Stan Winslow
Sponsored by FMC Corporation

2010 Quiz – Power Point slides with pictures and answers